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What is Extreme Driving?

Winter vs. Summer for your BMW

Have you ever wondered what the “Severe Duty” note means in your BMW Owner’s Manual? For most vehicles it often refers to Towing in hills or extreme temperatures. Oddly enough the Colorado weather presents an extreme set of conditions on a regular basis for your BMW. Temperatures ranging from 110 to -20 degrees with swings of 30 or 40 degrees in a day can wreak havoc on your BMW’s rubber belts, tires, tire sensors, exposed plastic, and all rubber seals. Windy days bring dust and pollen to clog your filters. Gravel and rocks can chip, crack, or destroy a windshield. Potholes damaging tires, rims, suspension components and steering alignments. Rain and Snow causing ice, splash-back and corrosion from ice-melting chemicals. Slow traffic and delays cause extra idling and oil wear and contamination. Running A/C in a sweltering traffic jam puts extra strain on cooling system components of your BMW including the water pump, thermostat, coolant, radiator, and all belts and hoses. Throw in elevation changes and varying grades of fuel, your BMW and its engine management and emissions systems are put through extreme conditions on a regular basis.

For BMW owners and enthusiasts, nothing tops the experience of The Ultimate Driving Machine. Smooth acceleration and sure braking. Precise steering and taut feel of the suspension. Switches and controls laid out exactly where your hand falls. All are part of the BMW experience.

Another part of that experience is maintaining your BMW to the highest standards. BMW approved fluids and filters. Tires with the correct specs, fit, and air pressure. Replacing needed steering and suspension parts for longer tread life and handling performance. Replacing a windshield for the best possible vision, rain sensing, and heads up display capabilities. Keeping up with items designed to wear out – Tires, Brakes, Belts, Wipers. Meeting the scheduled fluid schedule for coolant, oil and filter, brake fluid, and your transmission and differential oils and filters.

When these services are due, have your BMW work completed by a Factory Trained BMW Specialist at The Garage. Having your vehicle cared for by a Technician trained to work on YOUR vehicle provides the highest level of care, paired with the best VALUE delivered by the staff at The Garage.

Owning a BMW lets other drivers know you demand the very best in performance. Maintaining your BMW for peak performance provides the satisfied feeling that your vehicle will be ready for any driving conditions. Even if they are not extreme.