Expert BMW Repair Service

Skip The Dealership & Save

Never Go to a BMW Dealership for Service!
Keeping current on Service is very important to protect the investment in your awesome BMW. When a Technical Service question arises for your BMW, many owners believe a Dealership is the only answer. Wrong!

The Garage is a full-service BMW Service facility with BMW Factory Trained Technicians. We have the latest Tools, Technology, and Training to treat your BMW with the highest level of care. Besides the excellent Customer and Vehicle Care you can expect at The Garage, you might ask: what are other reasons to take your BMW to The Garage?

  • Expense and Overhead. A BMW Dealership has many departments – General Managers, Corporate, Sales, Service, Parts, HR, Maintenance, Accounting, and on and on. When you take your BMW to a Dealership for Service, the extra charges like “Shop Fees” go to paying for those other areas. Come to The Garage for your BMW Service for the care you want and the price you deserve!
  • Parts. A BMW is meant to be driven in a sporting manner. The Service requirements are specific for your BMW to perform at its best. The Parts are also specific, and many BMW owners think a dealership is the only location to source BMW parts. This is false, and at The Garage we can source OEM BMW Parts for Service, along with other parts for customers with specific needs.  On a Budget? Want after-market mods? The Garage has you and your BMW covered with the correct parts for all types of BMW Service.
  • Labor. When was the last time you met your Technician at a Dealership? Do you ever wonder who is performing the work on your BMW? At The Garage, we want our customers to learn and be educated about their BMW, its Service and any needed repairs. Our BMW Factory Trained Technicians will show you the necessary parts, and even let you see your BMW while it is in the technician’s bay to learn about how your BMW works. The Customer comes first at The Garage!
  • Employees. Do you feel like just a number at a Dealership? Are you tired of having your BMW tied up for days or weeks at a time? Looking for better care for you and your BMW? At The Garage, every employee is committed to our mission of providing the best value for BMW Service in the Denver area. Come to The Garage to experience why we are your Dealership Alternative for BMW Service. BMW Repair Experts – at The Garage!