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Our reputation as a trusted BMW Service and Repair facility is based on keeping our customers informed and engaged in the Service and Repair of their BMW. We show the customer their BMW and each of the components during or after a Service or Repair. Being honest with our clients allows us to offer up-front quotes and pricing and allows the customer to decide to accept the quote based on the value and care we deliver for their BMW.

Meet Our Team

Friends and Partners Committed to our Customers!

Team Bios

Tim Cronan

Owner Operator

Tim spent the first 25 years of his professional career in dual Finance and Process Improvement areas, and The Garage allows Tim to blend his passion for all things mechanical and automotive with his Customer Service attitude and various business talents. It was when Tim took a position at a local dealership where he began forming his plan to work with people who shared his passions for Customer Service, Teamwork, and the chance to create a really cool place to be every day where nothing feels like Work in a traditional sense. Tim enjoys learning something new mechanically every day from his Partners and the Master Technicians who make up the team at The Garage. Tim earned his B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Colorado, and an M.B.A. from the University of Denver. Feel free to drop in, share a cup of coffee or cocoa, and ask Tim about his soft spot for older BMWs and rusty old trucks!

Paul grew up as an athlete at Englewood High School, and he followed his passion to enter into the Automotive Program at Arapahoe Community College. At ACC he completed the Apprenticeship Certification Program, at which point he had acquired the skills to apply for a Professional Technician position at a Dealership. Paul is a BMW Factory Trained, Master Level Certified Technician with over ten years of experience under his belt, and his knowledge of vehicle Service and Repairs is extensive. Paul is working on his hobbies of playing the Guitar, and learning to be a better target shooter.

Paul Miller

Owner / Operator / Shop Foreman

Eric Hanson


Has 35 years of experience working at the BMW dealership. Eric was a team lead for 20 years and is a BMW master certified technician. Eric graduated from the Denver Automotive and diesel school DADC. Eric was an ACT and AYES mentor for 10 years and is an ASE Master Mechanic. Eric worked with Jim on the Explorer shouts program working with youth in automotive repair to rebuild BMW's and let the new mechanics race the rebuild at Bandermere Raceway.

Chad has 25 years of experience working on BMW's. He worked at the BMW dealership for 23 years as a team lead for 5 years and as a shop foreman for 5 years. Chad is a BMW Master Certified Mechanic and went to UTI Arizona auto and diesel mechanic school.

Chad Tipton

Shop Foreman

Joe Thrasher

Owner / Operator / Shop Foreman

Joe grew up in Littleton, CO and graduated from Heritage High School. He has an Associate’s degree and completed his Automotive training at Arapahoe Community College. Joe is a fantastic problem solver and is very creative when developing fabrication ideas for all types of vehicles. Joe is an avid 4X4 enthusiast and loves tinkering with; and repairing his rock crawler after he hits the trail. Fun Fact: Joe is not a fan of dining when Escargot is on the menu!

Kyle graduated from Highland’s Ranch High and received his automotive training at Arapahoe Community College. Kyle’s understanding of all things mechanical has allowed him to tackle many diverse projects at The Garage, in addition to his excellent work on routine service and maintenance work. Kyle spends his free time tinkering with his various Diesel truck projects – including his idea of crafting a Diesel Drag Racing Truck. Fun Fact: The only Green foods Kyle likes to eat are M&Ms and Skittles!

Kyle Graf


Adam Sahara

Adam has twenty years of experience working on cars and 3 years with BMW-specific automobiles. Adam worked at the BMW dealer for 15 years and went to Pikes Peak Community College as well as attended the Universal Technical Institute.

John has been working on cars for 42 years now and began his career in the automotive arena when he was 15 years old working at the local gas station. John studied small engine mechanics at Warren Tech. He moved to working as a Technician at a local Harley Davidson shop where he supported his Professional Moto-Cross career. John’s affinity for the industry came from his Father who made a lifetime career beginning as a Technician and progressing to a Service Manager at numerous Dealerships and in multiple states. John was the BMW service manager at the dealership for 20 years and was at the dealership for 28 years in all. In November of 2015, John partnered with Jim and Tim to start their own BMW-specific automotive repair business at their first location in Englewood and has since grown it to a second location in Parker, CO.

John Beazley

Owner Operator

Jim Thurman

Owner Operator

Jim started his nearly 40 years of experience in the automotive industry by working on cars when he was 12 years old. Jim became a Professional Technician at age 18 and since then he has owned, built, raced, and sold nearly 250 vehicles. Jim’s extensive knowledge of the industry and his list of personal friends in both the local dealership world and the racing scene are truly mind-blowing. Jim is a BMW factory-trained customer service advisor. He is factory-trained in GM/ Christler, Honda, Mini, and Chevrolet/Oldsmobile. Jim enjoys the high-performance side of automotive customizing. Jim helped to pioneer the Schomp Explorer scout program where he coached college mechanics to rebuild and race BMW's at Bandermere speedway for five years. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of automotive processes and he brings with him over 20 years of Customer Service at the very highest levels from a local dealership. Drop-in and ask Jim about his list of favorite vehicles.

Josh is a customer service advisor and a partner at The Garage in Parker, CO. Josh started at the dealership at age 19 and has 10 years of total experience working for two other independent high-performance repair shops. If you live in Parker, CO Josh can diagnose your vehicle and give you a detailed quote on the exact service repairs that your car needs.

Josh Thurman

Shane Aumiller

Technician and Service Advisor

Shane graduated from Heritage High School and received his automotive training from Arapahoe Community College. Shane has 10 years of automotive repair experience and after 8 years at a local dealership, Shane joined the team at The Garage as a hybrid Technician / Service Advisor. His expertise with vehicles makes him a natural on the phone when customers call for advice and quotes for work on their vehicles. Shane spends his free time Off-Roading and 4-Wheeling. Shane is a factory-trained BMW technician and is the current shop manager and is a partner at the Parker location.

Devan (pronounced Devin) has 9 years of experience as a professional automotive repair technician and has 8 years specifically working on BMW's at the dealership. Devan is a factory trained through the BMW STEP program. He is ASE Certified and has a master BMW certification on Hybrid vehicles.

Devan Reyes

Zakk Nix

Zakk has 15 years total experience working on cars 5 of the last years is specific to high-performance vehicles. Zakk is a master-level welder with MIG and TIG fabrication experience. Zakk specializes in professional programming, tuning, and installing custom sound systems. Custom exhaust, roll cages, and custom radiators are his specialty. Zakk is an ASE certified Master automotive technician and has attended the High-Performance academy.

Nick has two years of experience working on BMW’s and recently graduated from Arapahoe Community College Automotive School. Nick is a full-time BMW mechanic at the Garage in Parker, CO.

Nick Karl

Robert Williams

Robert is an apprentice mechanic to Zakk Nix in the performance shop at The Garage in Parker. Robert graduated from Tuner School at the Henesy Performance school in Sealy, TX.

Evan has 4.5 years of professional experience as an automotive technician. He’s been specializing in BMW’s for six months. Evan went to Arapaho Community College mechanical school and is interested in getting into more high-performance certifications in the future.

Evan Pagone