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Car Repairs and Waiting

A very common question from our customers is: “Can I wait while my car is serviced or repaired”?

The short answer is, yes. Everyone waits while their vehicle is serviced.

The issue is almost always a little more complicated than a simple answer. The real answer relates to geography – where a customer waits during vehicle work.

A little background – since the dawn of time, people have been waiting for things. Waiting for Fire and The Wheel to be invented. Waiting to be “Old Enough” or “Tall Enough” to ride the amusement park rides. Waiting in traffic, waiting in line for our morning coffee. The act of waiting simply is not going away.

Compounding the issue of waiting is the simple facts that our society moves at a much faster pace than it used to. Doesn’t it seem quaint that people used to preserve foodstuffs in jars and cans over the winter since there were not 24 hour-a-day supermarkets available every few miles? Let’s face it, our need for immediate gratification is increasing. We have access to news, media, entertainment, and information within seconds on our hand-held devices.

Add to the hustle-and-bustle of society the fact that there is a whole lot wrapped up in a person’s vehicle.  Your Image. Your Identity. Your Freedom. Your Reliability. Your ability to pick up dry-cleaning and kids from school. Your individual Karaoke Studio. Understanding that these, and more, are all wrapped into your vehicle makes us very aware of our responsibility when we hand us your keys.

So, what can we, as a small Independent Auto Repair facility do to make your wait a little more tolerable?

First, we have a very efficient operation.  Our average time for Service and Repairs is very close to within one day.  Unless your vehicle needs a very in-depth repair, our services are completed within a day – and not weeks.

Next, we offer you all of the options at our disposal.  We have a comfortable waiting room with Coffee, Tea, Magazines, Wi-Fi, Water, and TV. If possible, we will give you a ride to a nearby Light Rail station. In some cases we are able to take credit card information over the phone to pick-up or deliver your vehicle for you. And, if your repairs extend more than one day, we keep customer vehicles indoors overnight.

Most importantly, we pledge to remain in contact with you to keep you informed about your vehicle’s situation. Remaining in contact with you allows you to plan your life and make the “waiting game” as pleasant as possible.

To experience the best service value in the Denver area, give us a call at (303) 248-3652.

We will do our best to Not make you wait!