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BMW Repair Experts

BMW Service and Repair shops in the Denver-Metro area are hard to find. There are a few German and general car repair shops. But, BMW owners know Service and Repair for a BMW is not the same as a VW, Audi, Porsche, or a Mercedes.

As BMW Repair Experts we have over 75 years of BMW Service and Repair experience on all makes and models. We have the same software, tools, and training as the Dealership without the expense and extras like “shop fees”.

Our reputation as a trusted BMW Service and Repair facility is based on keeping our customers informed and engaged in the Service and Repair of their BMW. We show the customer their BMW and each of the components during or after a Service or Repair. Being honest with our clients allows us to offer up-front quotes and pricing and allows the customer to decide to accept the quote based on the value and care we deliver for their BMW.

BMW Service and Maintenance

BMW Service and Maintenance in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains is vital to protecting your investment in your BMW. Did you know in Colorado, your Horsepower can drop 10-20% just based on altitude and thinner air? Did you know you can lose 2-3% of your BMW’s horsepower for every 1,000 feet of elevation above sea-level?

If you drive on Colorado's Roads Colorado's Roads

  • If your BMW has a clogged Air Filter, fouled Spark Plugs, old and dirty motor oil, you are probably lacking the performance you expect and deserve from your BMW. How can you tell? Over time, every BMW will need proper Maintenance and Service. The Factory Trained Technicians at The Garage have the Software, Tools, and Training to perform the necessary Service and Maintenance on your BMW.
  • Every employee at The Garage is a BMW enthusiast and we take pride in educating our customers on the needs and requirements of their BMW. We believe a knowledgeable customer translates to a happy BMW Customer!
    Keeping current with the Service and Maintenance for your BMW can help avoid costly breakdowns and extensive down-time for your BMW.​
  • Your BMW up to date in Service and Maintenance operates in tip-top condition. When your BMW is performing at its peak, you can enjoy this great state and all it offers. Whether White Water Rafting, Tubing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain-Biking, or just taking in the sights, Call The BMW Repair Experts to handle the Service and Maintenance needs of your BMW.

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Colorado Driving - Extreme Conditions

Items to keep in mind on Colorado's Roads

Do you ever drive your BMW in extreme conditions? Many Colorado drivers do not realize that a weekend ski trip exposes their BMW to numerous extremes. Extra tire, engine, and brake load on the hills, wide temperature swings, water splash-back and extra dust in your filters, much thinner air in the mountains for your engine to make power, and as important as any of these is the breakdown of your motor oil due to long periods of idling in traffic.

Brakes (Pads, Rotors, Fluid)Braking on Mountain Roads, Increased Stop and Go TrafficHigh Heat, Wear, Dust, Warping, Contamination
Motor Oil and FilterTemperature changes, wear from excessive idling in Stop and Go TrafficViscosity Breakdown and Contamination
Filters (Engine and Cabin)Conditions with higher than normal Dust, Fluid, and Particle Splash-BackClogging, poor airflow, greatly reduced performance
TiresTemperature Fluctuations, very high Sidewall Loads, Icy RoadsPremature Tire Wear, Reduced Traction, Tire Failure
Antifreeze / CoolantTemperature ExtremesBreakdown and Reduced Effectiveness
Improper AlignmentHighway SpeedsIncreased Tire Wear, Suspension Component Failure