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The Garage and New or Newer Vs. Used Cars

The Seats are a little worn. Your hands fit the steering wheel perfectly. There are all sorts of crumbs and debris under the seats. You cringed every time you took a door ding or scratch. The door pockets are filled with artifacts and memorabilia from the last couple of years. Your Car. Now, as the vehicle ages, you wonder when its time to replace or upgrade to a newer one to park in your garage.

We are asked this question daily at The Garage. We ALWAYS suggest our friends and customers to have any used vehicle inspected at a trusted shop prior to purchase.

So, as you drive around, your eye wanders to newer and shinier vehicles. You can easily picture yourself with a newer ride in your garage. New Car smell, new seats, no crumbs in the carpet, and no dings in the doors. Easy choice, right?

Not so fast. A new or newer vehicle can have many positives to be sure. Here are a few additional things to think about before writing the check:

Need vs. Want. Is the potential purchase a “Need to have” or a “Want to have”? This is a very important factor, especially when asking…

Can I afford it? Along with a potential monthly payment, there are taxes, license fees, and normally a bump in insurance rates for a newer / more expensive vehicle. Pay attention to these details when figuring your budget.

Nickels and Dimes. Have repair expenses caused you to spend more than a car payment? When your annual vehicle expenses for repairs / 12 are nearing a monthly payment, you are nearing the Breaking Point.

The Breaking Point. This is usually the event(s) that precede this entire process. A major repair or series of large repair bills in quick succession. You are visiting a garage or shop for repairs far too frequently. Once a vehicle has outlasted its useful life for an owner in terms of reliability and maintenance and repair expenses, it is usually time to begin the search.

The Search: When looking for your next car or truck, consider allowing The Garage to inspect your potential purchase. We will look for evidence of Accident Damage, Abuse, Neglect, upcoming / needed repairs, function of all systems, and check for any open recalls. At The Garage, we will even take you out in the shop while we look over your potential purchase.

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